• STEM/Workforce Community of Interest

  • The TECNA STEM/Workforce Education Community of Interest (CoI) is focused on helping TECNA members grow their programming related to building a robust talent pipeline for their regional technology community. The group convenes quarterly to share relevant programs, best practices and initiatives so that we can all benefit from each others ideas. We also look for opportunities to work more nationally. We may occasionally have a guest speaker.

    This CoI is a "TECNA member only" group.  For more information or to join, please contact Alina at ahardy@tecna.org.

  • Next Call & Topic

    STEM/Workforce Community of Interest 2018 Q2 Call
    TBD May/June 2018

    Most Recent Call

    The last conference call of STEM/Workforce CoI took place on March 12, 2018. CoI STEM/Workforce Chair Sandi Hoff, Nashville Technology Council, facilitated the call.
    We reviewed the Workforce Development Survey Results, gathered feedback on suggested breakout topics at the Summer Conference 2018, and shared best practices in tech internships.

    To See a summary of notes from the call and other available member resources log in to GrowthZone (formerly MemberZone): Click Here.

  • Chairs

    Sandi Hoff
    Vice President of Technology Learning & Development, Nashville Technology Council
    Phone: (615) 873-1284
    Email: sandi.hoff@technologycouncil.com

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