• TECNA Innovation Awards

  • TECNA is pleased to announce the 3rd annual Innovation Awards. The 2021 awards recognize TECNA Member Council staff who have been integral to developing and implementing innovative and impactful work on behalf of their tech association or council with a milestone in 2020. 


    Finalists and winners were recognized during the 2021 Virtual TECNA Summer Conference on July 21, 2021.

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    2021 TECNA Innovation Awards


  • 2021 TECNA Innovation Award Categories:

    1. Innovative Member & Client Services
      Recognizing one or more team members who implemented innovative work or projects that creatively recruited or retained council members and/or clients beyond normal daily operations and events to recruit or retain members and clients.
    2. Creative Marketing & Communications
      Recognizing one or more team members who developed innovative marketing, communications or social media strategies strengthening the brand and community engagement of the tech council.

    3. Talent Pipeline & Workforce
      Recognizing one or more team members who have developed innovative workforce or talent pipeline initiatives. Types of programs or initiatives include: K-12 STEM, Higher-Ed STEM, CTE, Training/Re-Training, Apprenticeships, Internships, Job Portals, Mentoring, Coding and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI). 
    4. Major Impact on Tech Community
      Recognizing one or more team members who have made a substantial impact on the tech community on behalf of the tech council. Impact could be related to leadership roles in tech related efforts (i.e., Dept. of Ed advisory committees, city council board of advisors, etc.), direct service, mentoring, etc.  
    5. Public Policy/Advocacy
      Recognizing one or more team members who have led creative efforts on behalf the tech council in the area of public policy advocacy. Among the areas to be recognized included but are not limited to: campaigns to pass or defeat legislation or regulations important to the tech industry or developing and/or growing public policy as a membership service benefit.
    6. Innovative Virtual Events
      Recognizing one or more team members who have developed an innovative virtual event. This may be an event that was originally planned in-person and was pivoted online or was developed as an entirely new as a virtual experience.
    7. Innovation in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
      Recognizing one or more team members who have developed innovative initiatives in Diversity Equity and Inclusion. This may be an initiative or program instituted for tech council staff/governance or may be a program or initiative for their council members.



    Photos from the 2019 Innovation Awards

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