• 2021 TECNA Innovation Awards

    Nomination Deadline Tuesday, June 1, 2021
    Finalists and winners will be recognized during the 2021 Online TECNA Summer Conference scheduled July 21-23, 2021.
    Nomination Form
    Complete the form below once for each award nomination. | *The work being nominated should have a milestone in 2020* | We recommend taking some time to review the nomination form, and then acquire the information necessary to complete. | You will NOT be able to save your answers and submit at another time. | Contact Alina, TECNA Project Coordinator, with questions at ahardy@tecna.org.
    Award Category
    List all members of team being nominated
    This information will help determine innovation regardless of budget
    Noteworthy metrics making this project's success stand-out
    Why is this so different?
    Please Note: (a) Video submissions can be informal, filmed on webcam/smartphone/tablet (landscape/wide like a television or computer screen), (b) without excessive editing, (c) Check your surroundings visible in the shot, and try to have light shining on your face (face a window or lamp) (d) about 60 seconds video only please, (e) Provide a brief description of the program/work being nominated and why it is innovative. (f) Submit video file through this form or email to ahardy@tecna.org using wetransfer.com, maildrop, etc. & be sure to not compress/shrink the file size, we want high res/HD or 4k video. Finalist and Winner videos will be shared during the Awards Presentation and potentially on social media as well.
    Nominator Name & Organization
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