• TECNA 2018 - Call for Best Practices & Key Challenges

    Each year, our members rate best practice acquisition as a top benefit of TECNA membership. The purpose of this form is to gather an inventory of TECNA Member Best Practices, and select a few to present at the 2018 Summer Conference.
    If you have a Best (or promising) Practice, fill out this simple form and email in related resources for TECNA Members to access to ahardy@tecna.org.
    **Please Submit Response by May 18, 2018**
    If your council would be willing to share a short case study at the Summer Conference of a recent external or internal organizational success or best practice, please answer the remaining questions.
    Some topics identified by TECNA Members that they would like to hear about at the 2018 Summer Conference include but are not limited to: (a )Working with state and government partners (b) Leveraging relationships with national brands (c) Creative Programming (d) Diversity & Inclusion in Tech (e) Tech Sociology – a moral/ethical conversation (f) Internships vs Apprenticeships.
    3) Who should we contact with questions about this submission?
    250 words or less. What is it? Who is it for? What does this achieve? How does this work?
    7) Do you operate this program in conjunction with a partner(s)?
    8) Annual Expense budget for the program
    Source of funds
    Select more than one if applicable
    What did you learn that you would do differently in the future, or a pitfall that you have already addressed?
    Upload or email files to Alina, TECNA Project Coordinator, at ahardy@tecna.org
    (Optional) Submit PowerPoint Presentation .
    Email to Alina, TECNA Project Coordinator, ahardy@tecna.org

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