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  • The TECNA Events Community of Interest (CoI) is a peer-to-peer collaboration and information-sharing group. Over quarterly calls, TECNA members who support events gain new insights from an invited speaker. The second half of each call is designed for networking, sharing best practices and raising questions, so that we are best positioned to host top-notch events that provide member value and revenue for our tech councils/associations. This CoI is a "TECNA member only" group. For more information or to join, please contact abaghdasaryan@tecna.org.

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    April 19, 2017 Call

    The last conference call of Events COI took place on the 19th of April 2017. Theresa Jelderks from Technology Association of Oregon was facilitating the call.


    Each Tech Council or Association shows its gratitude differently.  Some host periodic gatherings as an informal appreciation for their members.  Many others may host formal annual award dinners that stretch into a thousand or more attendees.  The planning and politics that go into holding appreciation and award events are different for all of us, but sharing best practices can help us all.


    The following topics were discussed during the conference call:

    • Discussion on Summer Conference 2017 and what programing was missed last year.
    • Discussion on awards: what are top 3 member successes for awards dinner or program and what are members struggling with changing in the awards program.
    • Discussion on appreciation: What types of appreciation gatherings do members host or wish they would host.


    To See a summary of notes from the call and other available member resources log in to GrowthZone (formerly MemberZone): Click Here.


  • Chair

    Danielle Pinto
    Director, Events, Philadelphia Alliance for Capital and Technologies
    Phone: (215) 790-3809
    Email: dpinto@philadelphiapact.com

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