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    TECNA's partner, The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) presents its 17th annual edition of Cyberstates. CompTIA designed this report to serve as a reference tool, making national and state level data accessible to a wide range of users. Cyberstates quantifies the size and scope of the tech sector and the tech workforce across multiple vectors. To provide additional context, Cyberstates includes time-series trending, average wages, business establishments, job postings, gender ratios, tech patents and venture capital funding, and more.

    As with any sector-level report, there are varying interpretations of what constitutes the tech sector and the tech workforce. Some of this variance may be attributed to the objectives of the author. Is the goal to depict the broadest possible representation of STEM and digital economy fields, or a more narrowly defined technology subset? Is the goal to capture all possible knowledge workers, or a more narrowly defined technology subset? For the purposes of this report, CompTIA focuses on the more narrowly defined technology subset. See the methodology section for details of the specific NAICS codes and SOC codes CompTIA uses in its definitions of the tech sector and the tech workforce. 


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